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You can book me as the Keynote speaker for your live or online event. I have a lot of energy, knowledge, personal stories I love to share! I know how to inspire, motivate and activate a big audience of all ages and backgrounds. 
Beside the options below, I can talk about subjects like Finding your Purpose, Manifesting and Online Business. 

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option 1

“When life gives you lemons”.

When I was younger the quote “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” always triggered me. I didn’t want to create a life based on all the trauma and hardships I have experienced! Yes, I was an orphan at 11 and have been through a lot of sh*t in my life. But there is NO WAY I’m letting my past dictate my future.

During this motivational speech I will inspire and motivate the audience. I’m here to tell that you can make orange juice out of lemons or even a burger if that’s what you want!

This talk is about overcoming adversity and continuously getting up no matter how many times life knocks you down. This story will always be tweaked to match the audience


option 2

"THE GOLDEN triangle"

This talk is a combination of a motivational speech, an assignment, a custom-made visualisation and a Q&A. This offer is perfect for companies that want everyone to feel the collective goal.

It’s also great for starting courses or educational programs, as it helps the students tap into their full potential right from the beginning. 

Do you want more than your average guest speaker? I would love to come to your event to motivate and inspire your audience!

Golden Triangle

Icoontje - spreken

option 1: "when life gives you lemons"

option 2: "The golden TRIANGLE"


Love, results and testimonials

I have been blessed with the most amazing clients. See how I am fulfilling my purpose of helping others find and fulfill theirs here! 

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I had the honor of working closely with Daniela. She completely blew my mind and the mind of the members of my program. Daniela created an exclusive experience where she shared her own story, a custom made visualization and added a Q&A session at the end. I’ve done different visualization practices in the past but there’s something about her energy and the experience she created that I’ve never experienced before. After the practice I felt a sense of freedom, motivation and the clarity to become that version of myself that I visualized. Thank you again, Daniela! Talk: Kura golden triangle
Steven de Cuba
Branding specialist and Wedding photographer
Daniela is a dynamic and engaging speaker. Her “lemons” talk is filled with messages of inspiration and aspiration for both professional and personal lives. She provided such great insight and strategies on how to shift your perspective and avoid falling prey to the chaos in your environment and surrounding circumstances. Daniela brings a rare combination of authenticity and vibrancy to any stage. She showcases life-changing insights with her amazing personal journey. I would highly recommend her to any event or company. Talk: when Life gives you lemons
Dirceu da Silva
TedX Speaker
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John Doe
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John Doe