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I’m so honored that you are interested to work with me!! I’m usually fully booked for 1:1 coaching, but you can work with me in other ways as well!! Read more about the KURA EMERGE Mastermind, the KURA Manifestation Program, the KURA Masterclass, the KURA Moon Rituals, my 1:1 coaching trajectories or hire me as a speaker

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My approach

My approach is both practical and spiritual. I am the Sex and the City Hippie that is ready to help you whether you need the rational explanation or the spiritual connectedness to manifest and live a purposeful life. As humans, we need to learn to bring harmony between our rational and our spiritual side. That’s why all my coaching trajectories, programs and courses are designed to teach you how to manifest from your heart and not your head. 

Head to Heart scale

KURA emerge Mastermind

Quantum leap into the next version of you!

You’ve been an entrepreneur for some time or just started.
You started this entrepreneurial journey because you felt it.
You felt that BIG fire inside you, that BIG energy rushing through your veins!
You felt it because you know that your mission is to help people change their lives.
You have that BIG leap that wants to come out!
You want to bring your fire into this world NOW!
However, still keep holding it back…

Are you ready to quantum leap with me?


Kura manifestation program

Do you ask yourself: is this it?

You feel it in your bones that this can’t be “it”.  You know that you were meant to live EXTRAordinary life! You want to be the one that adds colour to the world, not the one that blends in! That’s why even though you have ticked all the boxes in life, you still feel. Unhappy. But the search is over! This program helps the high achiever in you become the biggest manifestor! 

Are you ready to manifest a purposeful and colourful life led by your heart, intuition and soul?

KURA Masterclass

Learn how I do what I do!

In 90 minutes I will share all of my high-level knowledge on a specific subject. I will be in teacher mode and you’ll learn to do what I do. This masterclass is perfect for you when you’re a rational person who likes a rational explanation.

For an even deeper and personal dive, you’ll have the opportunity to get access to the masterclass Q&A. This will be another 60 minutes of my undivided attention.

Are you ready to understand what needs to change and to take steps towards that change?


KURA Moon Healings

In two hours, I help you tune into your heart, soul’s purpose and intuition using different healing and manifestation tools. The FULL and NEW MOON intensify your manifestation power! New to meditation or spirituality? This is the perfect way to start! You can do this healing session from the comfort and safety of your own home, and I will guide you every step of the way. Includes a 14-page custom-made Healing Guide for extra support.

Are you ready to heal from what keeps you from achieving your goals?

KURA Moon subscription

Learn to manifest with the moon in 3 months!!

With every ritual you will gain more clarity, heal your subconscious wounds and commit to manifesting your dream life.

Let me help you in your healing and manifestation journey. Every two weeks you’ll have a 2-hour moon ritual guided by me out of the comfort of your own home.

Take advantage of this affordable offer now and join me every two weeks!

Consistency is key when manifesting, so let me help you be consistent!

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Meditations & Visualisations

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1:1 coaching

My 1:1 coaching trajectories are for high achievers that are ready to truly change their lives! If you are done holding yourself back, and you are prepared to put in the work, I’m your coach. Let’s show the empowered, confident and purposeful version to the world as you manifest your dream life! You can APPLY to work with me as your coach! now! 1:1 spots are limited.

Are you ready to put in the work to live a life that finally sets your soul on fire?


Are you looking for an inspirational speaker for your online of offline event? I am what you are looking for!


Inspirational speaker


Love, results and testimonials

I have been blessed with the most amazing clients that have had the craziest results! See how I am fulfilling my purpose of helping others find and fulfil theirs here! These souls finally understand and can connect to their inner world and have manifested their hearts true desires! Are you next?

I am so thankful for this experience with Daniela! I was so lost at first and got to understand so much after the Moon Ritual. Daniela guides you through every step and helps you understand your emotions and visualizations. I hope I get a spot for the 1:1 coaching. Really can’t thank her enough for this experience, I loved every part of it 🙌🏻🤍✨
Michelle Motta
I’m so grateful that I joined Daniela’s manifestation program. We’ve done some deep digging and hard work on healing and removing blockages and limiting believes, and raising our vibration in order to manifest beautiful things. The program helped me so much this year! Her 1:1 sessions also helped me to realize and work on things that I didn’t realize still had a hold of me. I definitely recommend Daniela and her services she is amazing at what she does!
Dominyque Lopes
Daniela’s energy is absolutely amazing and she is a very authentic and positive soul. She really listens to you and helps you dig deep to try to understand yourself and your behaviors better. She does this while making sure that you feel safe and heard and I always leave feeling much lighter at the end of every session. I highly recommend her 1 on 1 coaching sessions, group coaching sessions and moon rituals! This is the place to be if you want to feel more grounded, break the cycle of trauma, focus on growth and healing and to manifest your dream life
Amy van der Linden
I had the honour of working closely with Daniela where she completely blew my mind, and the mind of the members of my program. Daniela created an exclusive experience where she shared her own story, custom-made vizualisation and added a Q&A session at the end. I’ve done different vizualisation practices in the past but there’s something about her energy and the experience she created that I’ve never experienced before. After the practice I felt a sense of freedom, motivation and the clarity to become that version of myself that I vizualised. Thank you again, Daniela ❤️
Steven de Cuba

Vivienne Vicente

Genesis Gil Barrios