Virtual guided

Moon Ritual &
Subconscious Healing by
Daniela Kura

The moon knows our shadows and true selves!

Summer Break

I am currently on a well deserved summer break from the KURA Moon Rituals! Join the waitlist to be the first to know when they will be back as the KURA Moon Healings!

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What is

Kura Moon Ritual & Subconscious Healing

During these two hours, I guide you through my favorite intention-setting and manifesting processes while we tune in to the moon’s energy. 

This ritual offers a safe space where we will slow down from our daily lives and create the perfect ambiance to relax and let our soul speak to us.

Are you new to meditation, healing,
moon rituals, spirituality, etc.?

This is a perfect way to try a ritual for the first time!

You’ll join this ritual from the comfort and safety of your home. You’ll receive the custom-made KURA Moon Ritual Guide in advance for extra support, which you can read in your own time. During the ritual, I’ll guide you through every step of the way.
You don’t have to have any prior experience or knowledge about anything. Also, you don’t have to put on your camera or participate in the Q&A, so you can stay anonymous if you prefer.

Curious? Just try it, and you’ll be surprised about the outcome, I promise!

Why should

I attend a kura moon ritual & Subconscious healing

During this ritual, I help you tune in to your heart, soul’s purpose, intuition, and inner voice using moonology, mantras, affirmations, intentions, meditation, journaling, and herbal and crystal guidance. 

We do this during the FULL and NEW moon because it intensifies the power of manifesting your goals.

All the KURA Moon Rituals include a powerful visualization that enables you to tap into your subconscious. These visualizations will help you get clarity on your goals, dreams, and blockages.

You will finally be able to open your heart fully and listen to your inner voice!

Every Kura Moon Ritual & Subconscious healing


During this visualization, I help you tap into the current energy and into your own subconscious to heal blockages and manifest the life of your desires.

At the end of every ritual you have the chance to ask all your questions regarding manifesting or personal development. This is your chance to get even more clarity for yourself!

This custom-made guide contains information about what you should do before, during, and after the ritual. I’ve also added some extra information on the spiritual practice of the ceremony.

*Note: some aspects are subject to change depending on what is needed for that lunation.


From the Kura Moon Magic

Kura Moon Subscription


Are you ready to heal from what keeps you from achieving your goals?

Join the KURA Moon Ritual magic for three months; April, May and June 2023.




Take advantage of this affordable offer now!
Remember; consistency is KEY when manifesting. Join me every two weeks!

*​Since the April 6th Ritual was cancelled, you will also get access to the KURA Moon Ritual on July 3rd!

New Moon in Gemini

Join the virtual event live

Learn about manifesting, staying centered, working with energy and crystals, breathwork, sound healing, chakras, and more during the KURA Moon Ritual.

Date: June 18, 2023
Time: 20:00-22:00 CET (EU & NL)


Can't join me at these specific times?

You can also get a replay of the ritual and do it in your own time. You can feel the energies of the moon up to seven days afterwards.


From the Kura Moon Magic

Upcoming dates

Moon calendar 2023

7 January: Cancer
5 February: Leo
7 March: Virgo
6 April: Libra
5 May: Scorpio (lunar eclipse)
4 June: Sagittarius
3 July: Capricorn
1 August: Aquarius (supermoon)
31 August: Pisces (supermoon)
29 September: Aries
28 October: Taurus (lunar eclipse)
27 November: Gemini
27 December: Cancer

21 January: Aquarius (supermoon)
20 February: Pisces (supermoon)
21 March: Aries
20 April: Aries (solar eclipse)
19 May: Taurus
18 June: Gemini
17 July: Cancer
16 August: Leo
15 September: Virgo
14 October: Libra (solar eclipse)
13 November: Scorpio
13 December: Sagittarius

Consistency is key when manifesting


Did i start these Rituals

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been obsessed with the moon. I genuinely believe that everyone is affected by the moon’s powers.

That’s why I want to guide and teach you about the moon’s influences during the KURA Moon Rituals. And more importantly, I want to help you tune in to your inner world.

As a manifestation and purpose coach obsessed with the moon, I want to create an incredible experience to help people strategize their lives!

I used to work as a strategic policy advisor, supporting the Dutch government in solving societal problems.

Now, as a coach, I want to help YOU strategize YOUR life!
The moon gives you the perfect energetic structure and amplifies your manifesting powers! It helps you live more consciously by allowing you to use its power while tuning into your soul’s desires every two weeks.

I create these rituals with so much love, compassion, and passion. I want to help you BREAK yourself free from a system that keeps you stuck and unhappy!

Join me for the next MOON ritual and create your life with the power of the moon!

Upcoming event:

New moon in

I invite you to join me during this guided virtual moon ritual & subcounscious healing where I will help you release blockages using the powerful energy of the moon!

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