Daniela KURA

13th of October in Ermelo,NL

discover the power of pURPOSE and lIMITLESS potential in your BUSINESS



"It will probably take you years to go through the growth that you can go trough with Dani, in just half a day"

- Sepiedeh
Money & Business coach

Limitless is an international trauma-informed spiritually powered business event!

Join me on Friday the 13th of October in the heart of the Netherlands, Ermelo, for a groundbreaking experience tailored to rebel entrepreneurs like you.

Do you:

If your answer is yes,
than this event is for you!

What to expect?

Limitless is a trauma-informed business event specially crafted for coaches, course creators, and service providers. If you want to connect on a deeper level with your clients and overcome the hurdles holding you back from reaching the next level in your business, this event is for you.

While most business events focus solely on strategies, Limitless goes DEEPER as it is created to help you EMBODY the knowledge provided.

It’s important to own your worth and value as an entrepreneur and to do this, you need to release whatever blockage is in the way of EMBODYING that higher frequency and new timeline.

On this special day , I want to:

  • Guide you through the process of embracing your inner light and true power.
  • Help you FEEL the mission and purpose of your business
  • Help you understand our co-creation and conectedness with the UNIVERSE as our business coach.
  • I want you to EXPERIENCE the untapped power for growing your business that lies in your FEMININE energy.
  • I want you to believe you can be paid WAY more while doing LESS!

Are you ready to become LIMITLESS?


LIMITLESS will be held in this beautiful venue known as "The Versailles of the the Netherlands".
A location fit for QUEENS!

Your ONE-day transformation journey!

As a Trauma-Informed Psychic Healer and Manifestation Coach, my expertise is to help you see the deep-rooted (often) unconscious blockages that are keeping you from getting to the next level of your business.

Every level has a new devil, and I am here to teach, coach, and mentor entrepreneurs at every level.

As a business energetics coach, psychic healer, medium, and former policy strategic advisor, I have a HUGE arsenal and weird combination of rational and spiritual skills and knowledge to help you get to that next level.

I want to see you SHINE and finally start owning ALL that you are!

After this event, you will know what is hiding and holding you back from attracting the LIMITLESS abundance that is meant for you!

I coach entrepreneurs that have been in the business for a long time and have tried all the strategies but still felt unfulfilled or felt like if they wanted more they would have to DO more.


It’s not just an event; it’s designed to embody your transformation.

This event focuses on the five pillars I use
as a Business Energetics Expert.

Purposeful Business:

Understand the impact of leading with purpose and connecting to your soul’s mission.


Learn what is needed to have the Universe as your business coach and have magical not rationally explainable results in your business (helloo 100k in 9 months without a website or ads).


Learn how to connect deeply with yourself and others by healing your relationship with your feminine energy and masculine energy

Trauma Informed Manifestation

Learn how to deal with emotions and release the blockages that hinder your personal and professional growth.


Money is a masculine energy. Learn the seven common MONEY blocks and what is needed to surpass them and break through your income ceiling. The MONEY will be a bonus not the goal.


Learn and experience the importance of building a community when building your brand and making your business sustainable to change.

“The energy that gets you to your first 100k is NOT the energy needed for the MILLION.”

Am I your coach?

I guide women back to their feminine essence and healing their relationship to the Feminine and the Masculine.

If your goal is to have the universe as your business coach, have HUGE impact, learn how to use your intuition, spiritual gifts, get paid abundantly for them and allow yourself to fully trust and surrender to the
universe’s plan for your business; Than I am your coach

Event details

For: Entrepreneurs
When: Friday October 13th
Time: 09:00-18:00 CET
Where: De Heerlickheijd, Ermelo, the Netherlands
Language: English

I can’t wait, I have so many surprises in store!

  • Learn my methods and how I build my business into a multiple 6-figure business, based on the principles of business energetics and trauma-informed manifesting
  • It will be an EPIC event like you’ve never seen before
  • Be prepared to go DEEP and truly look at yourself to meet the new you
  • It’s gonna be DIFFERENT
  • BONUS: Afraid to come alone? There is an online session to meet others!

During the VIP lunch experience, you will get a chance to ask Dani any questions you have about creating your own event,
building your business, healing or anything else that you want to ask. 5 spots available

This event is for anyone that wants to get to the next level of their business!

When you’re building a business, it doesn’t matter how much money you earn or how many years you’ve been in the business;

You’re always going to have the same fears! 

As an entrepreneur, you must get comfortable with discomfort, fear, and that oozing energy you get every time you launch something new.

You might feel frustrated when leveling up your business.

You might feel worried about keeping up with expenses when you’ve been having a few slower months.

You might feel overwhelmed in the middle of your first launch.

A huge part of being a purposeful entrepreneur is knowing how to deal with those emotions.

At LIMITLESS, I’ll teach you about trauma-informed manifesting, of which dealing with your emotions is a key element!


Anna Fernhout

Anna is a talented singer songwriter and voice liberator.

Anna’s songs touch your heart.
She  writes songs about bein human without a mask with an open heart, with courage and facing our shadows!

She wants souls to connect with each other with an open heart and with vulnerability and not by losing ourselves in a ting as if.

Anna plays a very crucial part in Daniela’s healing journey.


While I speak Dutch, everything is conducted in English to create a diverse international community. Break free from conditioning and embrace your full potential, whether you’re Dutch or not.

It’s time to stop holding yourself back!

Join me on October 13th for an UNFORGETTABLE event filled with surprises and transformative insights.

Together, we can change the world by empowering you to shine your brightest.

About me

In the first 9 months of my business, I made 100k without ads, funnels, or even a website. Fast-forward 3 years, and I built a multiple-6 figure business.

I built it from the ground up, I all did was listen to the best business coach there is; the Universe.

That resulted in me NOW (3 years later) having: a condo in Mexico, a multiple 6-figure business, 37K organic followers on instagram, a digital nomad lifestyle, a team, and the most amazing soul aligned clients.

But NO… I’m not here to sell you a quick fix. We all know that you have to put in the work to get the results. However, instead of focusing on the strategies with me you focus on the most important part of your business; YOU!

And I’m not here to please you or fit into any niche!

In my world, you get to have a business that uses ALL that you are! Not just what fits in the NICHE.

Your purpose requires you to be ALL that you are!

As a coach and host of this live event, I will TRIGGER, CONFRONT, and make you REALIZE how limitless YOU are!

STOP doubting and get your ticket to join my first-ever live trauma-informed business event.

I am not building a business,
i am building a community


listen to my podcast

So you want to understand how your inner world works, learn how to connect more with your heart and manifest a purposeful life.

Are you open to spirituality but you don’t know how to start?
Don’t worry! I got you!

In my Pyama CEO podcasts I talk all about the synergy, the Woo-Woo side and the rational side when it comes to manifesting the life of your dreams.

I have inspiring discussions with guests, share practical tips and personal experiences on the magical world of MANIFESTING.


There are LIMITED SEATS available.

Reserve your spot now and embark on your journey to becoming truly “Limitless.” Your transformation begins here!


For this event you have 3 options

VIP Lunch Experience

Limited spots
  • Acces to the event incl. drinks &lunch
  • Front row seats
  • Q&A with Dani
  • 1 night stay at the hotel
  • Exclusive lunch with Dani (14th sept.)
  • Wellness (hotel)
  • Bonus 1: Video/Podcast How I made a Quarter Million euro's in 8 weeks without ads!
  • Bonus 2: Online meet-up

Business besties Duo ticket

  • Acces to the event
  • Take your business bestie with you
  • Discount of €22,- p.p.
  • Drinks & lunch
  • Bonus 1: Video/Podcast How I made a Quarter Million euro's in 8 weeks without ads!
  • Bonus 2: Online meet-up

Single ticket

  • Access to the event
  • Drinks & lunch
  • Bonus 1: Video/Podcast How I made a Quarter Million euro's in 8 weeks without ads!
  • Bonus 2: Online meet-up


Is the event only for entrepreneurs?

If you don’t feel excited about your life you will definitely benefit from this day!

If you don’t feel like you know how to protect your heart while letting the LOVE flow. Then this day is for you!

If you feel that you have a big mission in life but don’t know what your purpose is than this day is for you!

This day is filled with inspiration not only from Dani, but also from a lot of other souls that chose to live life on their terms!

There is a reason why your heart and intuition is telling you to come!

I Can't wait to meet you queen ❤️

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